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Zorba’s Orphans Fund, Inc. was founded in December 2009, by Dr. Maureen Mclntosh-Alberts, wife of the late Wim Alberts, aka, Zorba.

Zorba’s passion for widows, orphans, and vulnerable children in Africa led him to a professional position with an international development organization. For 16 years, Zorba traveled the coasts and interior of the continent of Africa doing what he loved best – ensuring a better quality of life for this special class of forgotten individuals. 

On March 5, 2008, Zorba lost his life in a tragic car accident while on assignment for the World Bank of Tanzania, East Africa. Zorba, a Greek word for “passion for life,” describes the life of Wim Alberts. At the end of his life, we can honestly say, that Zorba gave his passion for life to the people he loved: widows, orphans, and vulnerable children of Africa.

Zorba’s Orphans Fund, Inc. now carries the torch beyond the borders of Africa into Latin America, the Caribbean, and U.S. Territories. We strongly believe that post-primary education equips orphans and vulnerable children with the opportunity to realize their potential and fulfill their dreams, thereby enabling them to negotiate at a higher level in society.

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