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See and Hear Zorba's Orphans

Our orphans and vulnerable youths come from some of the poorest neighborhoods in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. They grew up on the streets or in slums, very often with nothing to eat. Some of them were left on the doorsteps of orphanages by parents too ashamed to admit they could not feed them but hoping someone eels would provide them with shelter and food. Typically, orphans are cared for in orphanages until they reach the age of 14. At this tender age, they are forced to leave the orphanages to make room for younger orphans.


With only a primary school education, these orphans, these orphans are ill-prepared to take care of themselves, yet they are abandoned for a second time to a life in the slums and on the streets. Rife with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, this life consists of abject poverty, social diseases, and early death.

Peter's Admirable Success Story (Kenya)

Peter lived in the slums of Mathare Vally in Nairobi, Kenya. After losing his parents to AIDS, he had no known relatives to care for him. As a result, Peter resorted to sniffing glue to numb the pain of his terrible circumstances. He was rescued from the streets by an Assemblies of God pastor and brought to the Mathare Valley Child Development Center. Peter has been in our program for the past three years and will graduate next year with a degree in Human Resource Management from Nairobi Institute of Management.

“Life before God sent you to Kenya was a struggling and discouraging…School is all I have dreamt of. With education, I plan to be a role model and educate other youths. I dearly thank God for you.” – Peter 

Shantae's Tenacious Pursuit of Higher Education (Jamaica)

Abandoned by her mother and father, Shantae still possesses the promise of a bright future. We believe in her future and have decided to support her along her journey to higher education. Presently, the government of Jamaica is providing her secondary school education. Zorba’s is caring for her basic needs including food, shelter, books, other school supplies. 


Hazvinei's Ambitious Journey to Higher Education (Zimbabwe)


On his journey to higher education, the accomplished high-school graduate turned co-ed, is enrolled as a freshman at the University of Zimbabwe. Hazvinei is majoring in Religious Studies, Classics & Philosophy. We are proud to announce that he will be the next rising star in his home town! 

“I just want to express my gratitude to all the support I am receiving.  It is so encouraging and motivating to see such love and care in my life. I began the degree programme well and all is going well but with a little bit of pressure of assignments, tutorials and researchers. Thank God for the University place and for passing the Diploma. Thank God for the Zorba’s Orphan Fund family for the support. Pray for more supporters of Zorba’s Orphan Org. Thank you for all the support, I am at the University all because of you. THANK YOU!” - Hazvinei

Any Amount will Help. God Bless You

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