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Founding Partners

Join Zorba’s in the fight against poverty. Together, we will empower the minds of youths and protect abused girls 

As we embark on the 5thyear of operation, we are excited to broaden our partnership Circle. Undoubtedly, a wider network of partners will allow us to education and empower the lives of hundreds more at-risk children.

Our Founding Partners play an integral role in the advancement of ZOF’s mission, vision, and goals. Without our partners, our job at ZOF would virtually be an unrealized dream with far-reaching, global consequences.

​We sincerely hope you will consider partnering, we can give orphans the resources to dream, explore, learn, and discover. It is a privilege and an honor to help fund an orphan’s education. Most importantly, it is a rewarding experience to be an integral part of their growth and self-discovery.​

Details and benefit

Type of Partners



Your donation of $2,000 will provide one year of post-primary education for one orphan and cover his/her expenses for tuition and books.



Your donation of $1000 will educate one orphans for six months and cover his/her expenses for tuition and books.

Your donation of $500 will education one orphan for three months and cover his/her expenses for tuition and books.




Your name will appear on the website as one of our Presidential Founding Partners 



You will receive quarterly newsletters updating you on our orphan’s progress

You will be invited to our Annual Founding Partners Appreciation Dinner held on the second Thursday in November.


You will have a rewarding opportunity to recruit at least one new Founding Partner to the Presidential Founding Partner’s Circle.


You will have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement ZOF’s Executive Leadership by presenting your ideas and feedback to our Board of Directors. 



You will have the opportunity to visit orphans with ZOF’s Executive Team and Convoy of Hope.

Meet our Founding Partners

ZOF is proud to introduce the selection of its esteemed Founding Partners. This select group of philanthropists are like-minded individuals whose passion is to advance the lives of orphans and vulnerable children the globe.

Mr. D. Wendel Cover – Platinum Partner 

Mr. & Mrs. Dave and Kristy Donaldson – Gold Partners 

Dr. Sara Parker – Silver Partner 

Ms. Susan Alvarado – Silver Partner 

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